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ETIAS – European Travel Information and Authorisation System

About ETIAS visa europe

As of 2021, citizens from more than 60 countries which are currently part of the Schengen visa-waiver agreement (including Canada) will have to apply for an ETIAS Visa (European Travel Information and Authorization System) when travelling to Europe for tourism (ETIAS France, ETIAS Spain, etc).

ETIAS Visa: A Reinforcement to Internal Security

This initiative has been discussed in the EU legislative framework and has the aim to optimize external border control around the Schengen Member States. In a coalition between ETIAS and EES (Entry-Exit System), the EU intends to dynamize its migration-related processes as well as reinforce internal security. The ETIAS will work as an electronic authorization rather than a visa per se. Much like the U.S. ESTA or Canada’s eTA, the ETIAS Visa will be an automated process whose database will be shared across the Schengen Zone, thus facilitating procedures for authorities and travellers alike.

  • Which countries need etias visa: +40 countries
  • Etias visa how long does it last: 3 years
  • Etias visa fee: 7€
  • Etias issuance: within 1 hour
  • Etias start date for US citizens: end of 2024

ETIAS stands for European Travel Information and Authorization System, is a type of visa launched by the European Commission which will come into force from November 2023, and will be required for entry into Europe for citizens of countries outside the European Union. To date, citizens of these countries are guaranteed visa-free entry into the Schengen area, but to strengthen the security of its borders, the European Union has decided to introduce the ETIAS visa, which will also allow the EU to keep a digital track of people passing through Schengen member countries.

What is the ETIAS visa and how does it work

From 2023, the ETIAS visa will allow citizens of non-EU countries to enter the Schengen area, and it is a type of permit similar to the ESTA, required to enter the United States, and to the ETIAS for Canada. This is a measure that was already announced in 2016, which will allow to collect data on people who can currently enter the Schengen area without having to apply for a visa.
The ETIAS visa can be conveniently applied for online, with a procedure that will last about 10 minutes, during which the applicant must enter the following information:

  • Personal and biometric data, including contacts and residential address
  • Information about your school or university education
  • Passport or other travel document’s data
  • Information about your employment at the time of travel
  • The EU country of arrival
  • Respond to questions related to criminal activities, use of drugs, travelling to war zones, possible history of immigration within or outside the EU

In addition, if you apply for an Etias for a minor, you will also need to enter the data of the responsible person, i.e. a parent or a legal representative, and for family and relatives of EU citizens who can travel freely within the member countries, it will also be necessary to provide the data of the EU relative , highlighting the kinship bond and family status.
The data entered in the online form will be automatically analyzed based on the data held by different European authorities dealing with security and immigration, and once this process is completed the ETIAS will be approved or denied, or a more in depth review will be carried out, and the applicant will be contacted to provide further documents. Generally, most ETIAS visa applications will be approved immediately or within a few hours, but in any case within 96 hours upon applying the applicant will be notified of the status. In the event that the visa is denied, all the information that led to this decision will be provided, and citizens who have been denied a visa have the right to submit a request to the Embassy or consulate of the country that refused the application.

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