Up for a drink? If you’re a traveller with a thirst for the nightlife scene, then Europe is the destination to go to. With several countries stretched across this continent known for their alcohol and good company, it’s not hard to find the best bars in Europe.

It’s not just the drinks people come for in these European bars. Some watering holes are known for their unique ambiance or interesting aesthetics. Others are even more known for their food than their cocktails. No matter what you’re looking for, there is always something that will draw you to these 6 best bars in Europe. 


Cheers! The 5 Best Bars in Europe to Check Out


1. ICEBAR, Stockholm, Sweden

Looking for a place to chill? The ICEBAR in Stockholm, Sweden, is literally the coolest bar around. As their name implies, this not-so-hotspot is made out of blocks of ice. No matter what weather it is outside, this bar is open year-round. And no, it doesn’t melt in the summer. The interior keeps it chill at 23 degrees Fahrenheit (-5°C), so guests have to wear the proper cold-weather gear. 

Drinks here are also served in blocks of ice. They offer cocktails, shots, and non-alcoholic beverages in their famous ice glass. The only thing not cold here is their food, which served warm for you to enjoy. Reservations are often made online and aren’t too hard to book. There is a waiting period as they limit guests, 45 people, at a time. 

Address: Vasaplan 4, 111 20 Stockholm, Sweden


2. Altes Mädchen, Hamburg, Germany 

Ah, yes. Germany, the country widely famous for its beer. When you’re looking for a solid beer experience outside of Oktoberfest, then hit up one of the best bars around in Germany. Translated as “old girl,” this watering hole was named after a song by Freddy Quinn. This simple bar certainly has that casual vibe that anyone out on the town for a chill experience would enjoy.

The craft beer is flowing with over 60 to try out. All of their beers come from the finest places around the world. Any of these would go great with the amazing menu they have. From steaks to burgers, all your drunk food can be found here. Waiters could even pair the best beers with the food you order. 

Address: Lagerstrasse 28B, 20357 Hamburg, Germany


3. Bar Goiz Argi, San Sebastian, Spain

Tapas? Say no more. It would be a sin to visit Spain and not drop by Bar Goiz Argi, one of the best places in Spain to get them. This bar is famous for its authentic Spanish menu. The classic recommendations include the Brochetas de gambas (skewered prawns) and the Mari Juli (salmon and anchovy on toast).

The drinks here are local brews and wines that you can choose from the menu. The company is what makes them taste better. You will surely find nice locals who are willing to chat you up.

Address: Fermin Calbeton Kalea, 4, 20003 Donostia, Gipuzkoa, Spain


4. Sputnik Bar, Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgaria is definitely not known for its bars. But if that’s what you’re looking for, the Sputnik Bar in Sofia is the place to go to. This bar has an 80s aesthetic with the vibe to match it. The interior features several interesting geometric shapes and figures and the lights absolutely set the mood. This place is perfect for the social drinkers who just want a simple night on the town.

The cocktails are the definite star of this bar. Sputnik prides itself on having some of the best bartenders in Sofia. The drinks look and taste just as good as the scenery. And with a long drink menu to choose from, you’ll definitely find something here.

Address: Bulevard Yanko Sakazov 17, 1527 Sofia Center, Sofia


5. Hiding In Plain Sight, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Just like the name implies, the bar affectionately known as HPS is one of the go-to places of the Amsterdam locals. This intimate award-winning cocktail bar is famous for so many reasons. One is for what it’s named after. It would be easy to miss this bar if you weren’t actually looking for it. The ambiance is of a classy cocktail bar, with a fun and relaxed environment to go with their stunning drinks. 

Cocktails are a craft in itself, but no other place can do it quite like HPS. The drink menu is filled with different options to choose from. Each drink offers a new experience and is crafted by expert mixers. If you won’t have a hard time finding this place, you’ll find yourself drawn to it every time you come across these streets. 

Address: Rapenburg 18, 1011 TX Amsterdam, Netherlands


European bars are worth checking out whether you’re the life of the party or an occasional social drinker. It’s here where you get to taste their unique drinks, feel different sceneries, and meet fun locals. The experiences in several countries here are those you won’t find elsewhere, so dress your best and try a night out on the town in these European bars with your favourite travel buddies.  


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