There are countless famous travel destinations worldwide, but one of the most famous travel areas has to be Mexico. Did you know that 40 million foreign travelers arriving in Mexico every year, and the land is full of amazing things to do?

Visitors love the everlasting nature, rich history, and tasty local food. Plus, the nation is home to the world’s most incredible beaches, hidden gems, and party destinations.

However, if you want to visit Mexico, one of the best spots is the beautiful Quintana Roo.


Quintana Roo

If you want to travel around Mexico, you’ll discover Quintana Roo in the Yucatan Peninsula, and you’ll see many gorgeous blue seas circling it. Initially, Quintana Roo grew into a famous tourist destination in 1902. That’s the date when the president announced it as a Mexican state. It’s now home to many of the most popular tourist stops in the whole of Latin America and its central source of GDP is from foreign visitors.

If you’d like to see exceptional Mexican heritage, you’ll love traveling Quintana Roo. You’ll find the notorious destination of Cancun. Millions of people visit Cancun every year – especially between the summer months – and the area houses unbelievable beaches, nightlife, and international food.

Moreover, Quintana Roo is where Tulum is based, and it’s an incredibly popular tourist spot with many Mayan ruins and incredible architecture. Some of Mexico’s most comprehensive food comes from Quintana Roo, and it’s where you’ll find tasty tacos and everything you could imagine from a Mexican paradise.

It is no surprise that Quintana Roo attracts over 4 million people yearly. People will come from every corner of the planet.

If you want a diverse mix of partying, nature, and food – you will find it hard to see anywhere better than Quintana Roo, and you’ll also find some amazing vacation benefits.


Would you love to visit Quintana Roo 2021

After listening to the excellence of Quintana Roo, you might be ready to hop on the flight and go towards amazing tropical weather. However, before you schedule your flight and go to Mexico, there is something vital that you need to know!

From April 1st, 2021, everyone coming to Quintana Roo will need to pay a tourism tax. You can sort out the tourist tax Mexico on the Visitax website.


What is this completely new tax on visitors?

In 2020, the state of Congress decided to implement a tourist tax on everyone entering the Caribbean or Mexico for leisure purposes. The Mexican state will issue a valid residence permit covering the whole duration of your stay.


Okay, so which tourists have to pay the tourism tax?

If you’re looking for comprehensive information on everything about the tourist tax, you should visit the Visitax website. This website offers a comprehensive insight into the tourism tax and what it means for travelers arriving in Mexico. In this article, you’ll see the basic info on the tourism tax.

Every foreign visitor over 4 will have to pay the Cancun tax to the government. But, if the person visiting is below the age of 4, they are excluded from paying the tourism tax.

Moreover, those traveling for non-leisure reasons, including business, education, and medical purposes, will not need to pay the tourism tax.


When do I need to make the Visitax payment?

Information from the Mexican officials recommends that tourists should complete the payment before they arrive in the country or just after they arrive. You can pay the tourism tax at the conclusion of the trip, but you might need to wait in big lines.


Where should I make the payment?

You can complete the Cancun departure tax amount on the Visitax website. Travelers will see a superb website with all the important info on completing the payment. The site will show you a stress-free way to complete the payment and prevent anxiety when you travel.

Besides, it’s highly critical to know that you can complete the tourist tax payment before you arrive. Would you like to line up in huge lines and wait to make payment at the airport? Most people do not, and if you don’t, you can just make the payment online.

That’s the advantage of using Visitax – you will eliminate all your anxiety, and you can appreciate a quick process before you travel. You will not have to concern yourself about those awful waiting lines and you’ll make sure that you pay the perfect price.


But what are the subsequent steps to making payment?

  • If you make the tourism tax payment on the Visitax site, you will need to complete a Quintana Roo State Tax form. You’ll have to give lots of data, including an email and your date of return.
  • In the following step, you’ll analyze all the above data in great detail.
  • At last, you’ll confirm the complete payment amount, and pay the remaining costs via credit card or PayPal.


What is the total time of the process?

When you want to make the tourism tax payment through Visitax, the online procedure should only take about five minutes. You won’t have to bother about a tiresome process. After you’ve finished the complete process, you will receive an email showing you’ve finished the process.

It’s vital that you have a copy of the confirmation because it will let you show officials that you’ve paid the tax. There is a possibility that the Mexican officials might ask if you’ve paid the tax, but you can prove the payment through your phone.

Once you’ve completed and paid the tourism tax through the Visitax website, you will not have to concern yourself about any tax payments again. You will have the chance to enjoy this Mexican beauty without considering giving any tourism tax or fretting about forgetting to pay your tax.

If you want more info on the tourist tax and want to prevent countless lost time, anxiety, and stress – you should complete the tourist tax payment before you leave home, and you can do that with utter ease on the Visitax website.