Every year, Lyon, which is one of France’s biggest cities, is visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Lyon’s is popular among visitors because of its emblematic monuments, reflecting the city’s history and culture, the youthful atmosphere of its streets, where many activities are organised and its famous cuisine, considered to be among the best in the world.

The city has often been hailed as “the French capital of gastronomy”. This is not surprising considering that has produced great chefs like Paul Bocuse and Eugénie Brazier, who are world-renowned chefs. Lyon is also considered to be the home of ¨Haute cuisine¨, which is so representative of the quality of French dishes.

Due to their delicacy and exquisiteness, Lyon gastronomy is famous for its desserts and sweets.

This article will tell you about some of Lyon’s most popular desserts, that you must try if you visit.

  1. Praline tart:

My first recommendation has to be praline tart.

Firstly, I would like to explain that praline is just toasted almonds covered with caramelised sugar, which is normally coloured red or pink. Although this sweet is French, it is often used in Spain and is known as “almendra garrapiñada”.

Praline tart is a typical Lyonnais dessert that can be found in any bakery in the city. It is made with flour, butter, icing sugar, eggs and vanilla. This famous dish is completed with its famous praline topping.

Coussin de Lyon:

Another delicious Lyonnais speciality is the famous ¨Coussin de Lyon¨. The “Coussin de Lyon” was created in the 60s to pay homage to a procession that took place in Fourvière in 1643. During this procession, the citizens placed a magnificent silk cushion at the feet of the statue of the Virgin Mary as an offering, hoping that she would protect them from the epidemics that were threatening them. For this reason, this sweet is shaped like a cushion.

When you try it, you will notice that is like a chocolate. The aquamarine colour is generally made of marzipan, filled with chocolate and flavoured with Curaçao.

Like praline tart, this dessert can be found in many bakeries. You can buy them individually or in a box, that is also shaped like a beautiful silk cushion.

It is undoubtedly a great souvenir to buy when in Lyon.


If you really enjoy traditional cooking, you have to try the delicious ¨Bugnes de Lyon¨. This dessert is usually eaten the week before Lent and during the city’s festivals.

This recipe is also made in other regions of France, but has a different name and can vary depending on where you are eating it.

¨Bugnes de Lyon¨ are a type of doughnut and therefore, their main ingredients are eggs, flour, sugar and oil for frying.

If you visit Lyon in the months of March or April, will find ¨Bugnes de Lyon¨ in any bakery or patisserie, since these are the months when there is the greatest offer of this delicious pàstry.

Choux Pastry:

Choux pastry dates back to the 16th century and, since then, its preparation has changed over the years.

It consists of a light pastry prepared using ingredients such as wheat flour, eggs, water and butter, just like many other pastries. Choux pastry has various possible fillings like ice cream or chocolate, resulting in a delicious dessert.

The most well-known variations of this pastry are eclairs, París-Brest, wind fritters and chouquettes.

As well as serving as the basis of many desserts, Choux pastry is used in the preparation of savoury dishes, like Gougère where cheese and spices are added.

As a worldwide reference in the gastronomic field, one of the best things you can do on a visit to Lyon is to visit as many restaurants as you can. In each restaurant, you will have a unique and unforgettable experience that will delight your taste buds!

When you visit Lyon, you mustn’t leave without having tried all the desserts that I have mentioned. If you don’t have enough free time to have lunch or dinner in a restaurant and would like to try these desserts anyway, it will only take you five minutes to pop into any bakery in the city. You won’t regret it!