Have you been dreaming of a winter holiday? A Christmas in Poland offers an authentic experience that can fulfil your dream vacation. It has the views that create a warm and charming atmosphere, especially during the winter months. It boasts medieval architecture and lively culture. There are also ski resorts and mountain villages that serve as added attractions to complete your trip.

If a Christmas in Poland is in your bucket list, check out this guide so you won’t miss the best places to visit during this special time of the year.

The Best Places to Spend an Authentic Christmas in Poland

7 Places to Visit to Spend the Best Christmas in Poland

3 Reasons to Spend Christmas in Poland

  1. Poland is a Catholic country. You will still experience a traditional Christmas celebration on December 25.  
  2. Experience ‘Wigilia’. This refers to the lavish feast consists of 12 traditional foods that people prepare for Christmas eve.
  3. Avoid the crowd. Poland is usually flocked by tourists during summer. In winter, there are fewer crowds. This will give you a better chance to explore attractions and maintain the ‘social distance’ you’d appreciate these days.

7 Christmas Spots in Poland You Shouldn’t Miss

1. The Forests of Białowieża

Recognized as a world heritage site and a biosphere reserve by the UNESCO, the forests of Białowieża is definitely a sight to behold. As the last surviving primeval forest in the whole of lowland Europe, it attracts a lot of visitors. Aside from the amazing beauty of the place, it also offers thrilling adventures especially during the winter months including bison tracking and searches for Christmas reindeers.

2. Gdańsk 

If one of the reasons why you came to Poland is to admire its architecture, you should check out Gdańsk. While it is known as the most important seaport of the country, its architecture can easily take your breath away. During the Christmas season, you should also not miss its Christmas market and tree displays from around the world. You might want to try its ice skating rink, too!

3.  Kraków 

Prepare to be dazzled when you visit Kraków. It is one of the cities that attract tourists from all over the world. It has a Christmas market where you’ll find charming Christmas pieces. Its main Market Square will treat you to the aroma of mulled wine. You’d also feel the festivity even more with carriage rides and decorations in the area. 

DID YOU KNOW: During Christmas, you’ll see ‘Szopski in Kraków. This refers to the cribs in the Market Square that feature mind-blowing models of the baroque and gothic buildings in the city that are made by locals.

4. The Magical City of Warszawa

This is one of the highly recommended places in Poland especially during this time of year. As its name suggests, it is here where you’ll be treated to a magical experience. One of the great things about this city is that you can actually just stroll and walk around to feel and enjoy the vibe. The city is made more magical with the beautiful lights that adorn it. If you want a Christmas with no less than Santa Claus, you should not miss the Old Town, too!

5. Poznań 

If you want to see and experience a true winter wonderland, Poznań should be in your itinerary. Here you’ll find a Christmas market that offers more than just pretty things to shop. Usually, this place is beautifully adorned with lights and features a nativity scene. The products of International Ice Sculpture Competition are also brought to Poznań for onlookers to take pictures of and enjoy until they melt.

DID YOU KNOW: Starting from the 1st week of December, big city squares in Poland are turned into Christmas markets.

6. Zakopane 

For winter sports enthusiasts, Poland doesn’t fall short of places to go. Zakopane is a picturesque site located at the foot of the Tatra Mountains and regarded as the best-known mountain resort. Here, you can try exceptional ski slopes and hiking trails. Witkacy, an artist associated with Zakopane will add some culture to your trip to Zakopane.

7. Karpacz

Another place in Poland that offers a range of activities for winter sports enthusiasts. It is found in the Karkonosze Mountains where people usually go to experience downhill cross-country skiing and ski touring. Amidst the snow-capped mountains is the Wang Chapel which is a 19th-century medieval church from Scandinavia that boasts of Romanesque architecture!




Christmas is a special time of the year. If you want to make it more memorable and exciting, spending your Christmas in Poland is a good idea. Plan your trip and add to your itinerary the places that will contribute to making this special occasion more unforgettable.

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