The ETIAS visa waiver allows you access to a lot of European countries, 26 to be exact. But with a limited budget and an expiry date of 90 days, there is only so much you can see on one trip. So how do choose which countries to visit? It’s admittedly nearly impossible to. Though, with every part of a trip considered, you can narrow down the best countries that you can visit accordingly.

Considering popularity, affordability, and overall experience, check out 15 of the best European countries that any Canadian would love to visit.

Best European Countries

The 15 Best European Countries for Every Canadian to Visit 

5 Schengen Countries Most Visited by Canadians

If you need an opinion on where to go, who better to ask than the vast majority? These 5 countries were the hot destinations and Canadian favorites of 2019. 

1. France

It’s no secret that France is one of the most popular destinations to visit for decades. With the city of love as the capital, this country is most famous as a romantic getaway.

Fun Fact: Love is everything in this country. In fact, it is allowed to marry a dead person here. That’s hauntingly beautiful.

2. Germany

With a mix of vintage vibes and modern aesthetic, Germany is diverse in the most interesting ways. The celebrations are crazy good in this country, so don’t be afraid to stick your neck out and mingle in their festivities.

3. Spain

Spain is one of those summer destinations that anyone should experience in Europe. From the stunning beaches and landscapes to the rich history and architecture, this country has everything you would want in a getaway.

4. Italy

If you’re looking for a culture trip, then Italy has it all covered. The food, music, art, design, and film are just the tip of the iceberg of the best that this country has to offer. 

Fun Fact: The wine in Italy is impeccable. In the region of Abruzzo, there is a fountain that flows with free red wine 24/7. Add that to the itinerary!

5. The Netherlands

It’s all good times and chill vibes in the Netherlands, being one of the most liberal countries that ever existed. This would be the most ideal country to put on your itinerary if you’re looking for new, fun, and wild experiences.


3 Most Affordable European Countries to Visit 

Travelling to multiple countries can be pricey, especially when it comes to flights, accommodation, and food. Luckily, these 3 countries are relatively budget-friendly for the average Canadian. 

1. Iceland

Also known as “The Land of Fire and Ice, Iceland is a great country in Europe to explore with its icy glaciers are hot volcanoes. This is a perfect trip for those looking for cheap adventures and priceless views.

2. Romania

The majestic architecture and breathtaking landscapes are a thing to behold in the country of Romania. This enchanting country almost looks like it came straight out of a gothic fairytale.

Fun Fact: An enchanting country like Romania has its hidden gems. One of them here is the 

Scărișoara Cave, which is home to an underground glacier!

3. Slovakia

Much like Romania, Slovakia has this old-country vibe to it with buildings look fit for royalty. Surprisingly though, it won’t cost much to stay here and hiking and hotspot hopping is or is almost always free.


7 Underrated European Countries to Check Out

Avoiding the top tier European countries that are full of way too many tourists that could make or break your whole trip? Then visit these 7 underrated countries where you can learn more about the countries less popular with most people. 

1. Croatia

Croatia is a small country by the coast of Europe near Italy, boasting beautiful towns by the waterfront. The medieval vibes of this country are what gives it charm, as well as the scenic views and amazing wine.

2. Portugal

If you dream of fairytale royalty, then Portugal has a mix of it present in their architecture and art. Plus, you get the beaches, great outdoors, and all the European vibes in almost half the price compared to other countries. 

3. Liechtenstein

The country of Liechtenstein is relatively small sandwiched between Austria and Switzerland. There are no airports in the country, which makes it a great pitstop destination when coming from nearby countries.

Fun Fact: This country is so small that Switzerland accidentally invaded it in March 2007. With no army of its own, Liechtenstein didn’t even know it was being invaded until they were informed. 

4. Finland

Finland is said to be the happiest country in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. With friendly locals, safe streets, clean air from eco-friendly practices, and a great overall inviting environment, happiness is absolutely infectious when you visit here.

5. Sweden

A lot of popular public figures and pop music producers hail from Sweden, a country with one of the cleanest streets, high creativity, and welcoming people. Stockholm may be one of the most visited cities, but the rest of the country is just as charming and worth checking out.

6. Belgium 

Before you get a bite of their waffles, explore the beautiful streets of Belgium, where there are other great food, buildings, and sights to see. Plus, the chocolate is to die for!

7. Czech Republic

Czech Republic is rich in European history, especially of old lore. With its medieval vibe still prominent across its major cities and the tales it’s preserved, this country deserves to go in the bucket list. 


3 Travel Tips to Make an Unforgettable European Experience

1. Embrace their Art and Culture

It wouldn’t be a total European trip if you don’t take the time to appreciate the paintings, sculptures, food, wine, and customs. If you don’t speak the language, try getting some lessons from locals themselves just to know the basics.

2. Explore their Historical Landmarks

European countries have well-preserved heritage sites and museums that are worth checking out to get to know a little bit more about their history from their perspectives.

3. Engage with their People 

Interacting with the locals can make a great difference in your trip. Being a tourist doesn’t excuse you from getting to know the true nature of the good people in Europe.


In all honesty, there is no certain way to rank the best countries that you can visit because Europe’s diversity shows that every place has something different to offer.  Guides like this don’t have to be taken as an absolute map. If there’s a country that you want to check out that isn’t on the list but can still be accessed with an ETIAS visa waiver, then you can very well do so. Your experience is something only you can control, so nothing really has to be set in stone. 


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