If you are looking into embarking in a one of a kind travel experience, Iceland is the place to be. It can take you to another world with distinct scenery and attractions that guarantee to take your heart away.

From lava to glaciers and fjords to volcanoes, Iceland won’t disappoint. If you’re looking to taking your travel plans to the next level, this infographic features some of the top attractions in Iceland that you should not miss!

Top Attractions in Iceland that You Need to See

Top Attractions in Iceland that You Need to See


Iceland is a destination of extremes. Known as the land of fire and ice, it offers a diverse and dramatic landscape where ice literally meets fire.

Don’t start your itinerary without checking out the top attractions in Iceland that you must not fail to see.


1. The Northern Lights

Topping the list of attractions in Iceland are the Northern Lights. Definitely one of the country’s treasures, it is a crowd drawer that easily makes a trip to Iceland one for the books!

Also known as Aurora Borealis, who wouldn’t be awe-struck at the sight of the dancing wave of lights in purple, green and gold. It offers a real spectacle that will surely linger in your memory.

TIP: September to April is the best time to go to Iceland to see the Northern Lights. It is during that time when chances are really high to witness this incredible phenomenon.

2. The Askja Caldera

Tucked in the Dyngjufjöll mountains, the Askja caldera is a treasure for tourists to behold. At the bottom of its stark sides os a geothermal lake known as Viti where you can take a quick dip.

But not only that, it is surrounded by a spectacular lunar landscape where the training for NASA’s Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took place before the Apollo 11 mission to the moon in 1969!

3. The Great Geysir

If you are looking for a safer way to enjoy the active volcanoes in Iceland, check out the Great Geysir! It is a family-friendly spot that will allow you to experience the ever-changing volcanic activity in the country. 

As one of the most famous geysers, it comes with surprises and you cannot tell when something will burst at a particular moment. Just be sure to bring extra clothing so you won’t be caught unprepared once the spring erupts!

DID YOU KNOW: The Great Geyser is the first geyser known to man and has been active for around 10,000 years.

4. The Blue Lagoon 

Hailed as Iceland’s most famous spa, the Blue Lagoon offers a luxurious experience with its healing silica mud, warm and soothing water, and a pleasant surrounding complete with billowing steam stacks.

However, it comes with a price too. So if you’re on a budget, you can opt for other spas such as The Secret Lagoon near the Golden Circle and the Mývatn Nature Baths in the north. They may not be as famous as the Blue Lagoon, but they can offer the same experience.

5. Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

Another awe-inspiring lagoon in this list is the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. This natural attraction in Iceland is dotted with shining icebergs that are on their way to the Atlantic ocean.

Here. you can join a boat tour or just sit on the shoreline to watch playful seals dip and dive around the chunks of ice.

DID YOU KNOW: The size of the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon increases in size each year. This happens as a result of the worsening climate change that affects the Icelandic glaciers.

6. Seljavallalaug 

Want to know which attraction is also known as Iceland’s best-kept secret? It’s Seljavallalaug.

You’d love to immerse yourself in the oldest pool in the country. Almost a century old, it will give you a taste of history while enjoying a dip. Although the road to Seljavallalaug may not be so easy, it is definitely worth all the effort!

7. The Gullfoss Waterfall

Also known as the ‘Golden Falls’, Gullfoss is one of Iceland’s most iconic waterfalls that is loved by Icelanders. It is located in the Hvítá river canyon in Southwest Iceland. If you will be driving the Ring Road, you’ll see it as it makes up the popular sightseeing route.

Many may regard Gullfoss as two separate features. It has a shorter cascade and a second drop which are 11 metres and 21 metres high, respectively.

DID YOU KNOW: The Gullfoss waterfall descends into the great Gullfossgjúfur canyon which according to Geologists was formed by glacial outbursts during the start of the last age.

8. The Ring Road

Another way to make the most of your trip to Iceland is to drive the famous ring road. Also known as “The Golden Circle”, it is a beautiful loop around the coast that will make you witness the stunning Icelandic landscape.

The best attractions in Iceland can be found in this 1,491 km route which makes the drive an epic road trip!

9. Reykjavík

Of course, not to be missed is Reykjavik. Located on the west coast, it is easily recognized as a traveller’s jumping-off point to the rest of the island. 

Reykjavík has plenty of attractions. It teems with life to make it a venue for those who seek nightlife and a fun party scene.

Also not to be missed are historical attractions in the area such as the Hallgrímskirkja and The National Museum of Iceland.

TIP: If you want to ride the famous Icelandic horse, you can go to Ishestar which is just 20 minutes south of Reykjavik. 




For many tourists, Iceland is the ultimate destination. It has a stunning natural beauty and a mystical landscape that is unique in the country.

If you are planning to visit Iceland, prepare to be enchanted by snow-capped volcanoes and mountains, ice fields, glaciers and rugged terrain that make for a vacation to remember.

Not to forget of course are the travel requirements like the ETIAS Visa which will be required starting 2021.

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