From stunning beaches and gorgeous landscapes to outdoor festivals and epic nightlife, there’s a lot of summer activities waiting for you in Europe! However, before experiencing these, you must first plan your adventure.

Creating a budget Europe travel itinerary is already a given challenge. But coming up with a summer packing list is just as tricky! You need to consider the scorching weather, different standards of dress in various countries, and the kind of summer activities you’ll be partaking in. Then, of course, there’s that problem of fitting all of this in your bags and making it last for the whole trip.

But don’t worry as this ultimate Europe summer travel packing list got you covered! Check out this infographic that presents the 45 summer vacation must-haves you must bring.

Europe Travel Packing List: 45 Summer Vacation Must-Haves to Bring Infographic

The Ultimate Summer Travel Packing List for Europe


1. Shirt/Blouse

Bring up to 4 short-sleeved tops in a cotton/polyester blend for maximum comfort. Stick with neutral colours to mix and match it with your pants.

You can also pack 1-2 long-sleeved tops for indoor use in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, or airports. 

2. Pants

While jeans are a staple in everyday wardrobe, it’s best to skip them as they are too hot for summer travel!

Pack 2 lightweight trousers instead to beat the heat. You can also get those convertible pants/shorts with zippered legs to wear when visiting churches or museums.

3. Shorts

If you’re mainly travelling to beach and countryside destinations, it’s a must to pack 2 pairs of shorts.

For ladies, a fashionable skirt or two also deserves a place in your suitcase. 

4. Sleepwear

Bring comfy sleepwear, such as T-shirts, leggings, or a pair of pyjamas, to put on while hanging out in your hotel.

5. Undergarments

This is pretty self-explanatory. Pack at least 6-8 pairs of underwear and 3 bras for the ladies. Bring extra in case of emergencies. 

6. Socks

Invest in 3 pairs of cotton and nylon-blend socks instead of the 100% cotton kind. This type of socks maintain its elasticity and softness when air-dried.

7. Closed shoes

Up for some hiking? If so, bring trail running shoes to ensure comfort, traction, and durability in the wild.

8. Sandals

If your itinerary requires simple walks around the city, you’re better off packing a pair of sandals to save space in your luggage.

9. Flip flops

For tourists who are going to the beaches, wear flip flops instead. These would protect your feet from the scorching sand while being easy to clean with water.

10. Swimsuit

Depending on how many beach destinations you’re planning to visit, you may want to pack 2-3 bathing suits.

Pick something stretchable and comfortable especially if you’re planning to try watersports activities.

11. Windbreaker Jacket

Summer in Europe can be scorching. However, once inside museums, hotels, or public transportation, you can benefit from packing a lightweight jacket.

It also doubles as protection against the chilly winds, especially when visiting Northern European countries.


12. Hat

A hat is a staple accessory for your summer outfit!

For men, you can opt for a classic baseball bat. Women, on the other hand, would look chic in a wide-brimmed straw hat.

13. Sunglasses

A pair of aviator sunglasses can instantly transform your summer ensemble!

14. Sling Bag

Ladies can bring a small crossbody bag on a casual night out.

15. Wristwatch

While you can check the time on your phone, it’s not always the most convenient especially in crowded destinations.

To quickly tell the time, wear a wristwatch. This can even double up as a fashionable accessory!

16. Jewelry

Bring a few necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to complete your look. Don’t wear something too expensive, though, to reduce the risk of theft. 

17. Scarf

A scarf has always been a favourite accessory to bring on any travels. It can keep you warm enough in air-conditioned places. But it also functions as a fashion statement piece to make you stand out.

18. Sarong

If you are headed to a beach destination, a sarong is a must-have!

This thin, lightweight fabric can be repurposed in various ways: towel, blanket, cover-up, and even a scarf!

19. Tie

For men, you can bring a tie to add instant respectability, especially if you plan to visit a fancy restaurant.

20. Umbrella

Bring a small, portable umbrella that can easily fit in your sling bag to block the sun’s rays and keep you dry from unexpected summer rains.

Personal Items

21. Toiletries Kit

While most hotels provide a range of toiletries, you might still want to pack your own kit especially if you’ll be going to the beach or countryside.

Don’t bring everything, though! Think about the items you can live without for a short time. For ladies, this can be tampons or sanitary pads.

22. Sunscreen

Whether or not you’re going to the beach, sunscreen is an everyday must! Apply it whenever you’re out visiting tourist attractions in Europe. 

23. Insect Repellent

If you’re prone to bites and are going somewhere bug-ridden (mountains or beach), you should definitely bring an insect repellent.

24. Medicines

For those who are taking prescription medications or easily feel sick during flights and boat rides, packing your medicines is a must. Don’t let the time difference fool you in forgetting your daily intake!

25. First-Aid Kit

You can never be too sure that nothing bad will happen on your summer European trip. It’s best to pack a few bandaids, gauze, and alcohol to treat minor cuts or bruises after an adventurous day outside.

26. Sealable Plastic Bags

Bring this item on your European summer trip to hold your carry-on liquids as well as wet clothes. This ultimately keeps your bag or luggage dry.

27. Packet of Tissues

For the times when you can’t seem to find tissues in bathrooms, a small packet of tissues will come in handy. 

28. Face Towel

While you’ll find all sorts of towels in your hotel, they are far too big and heavy to carry on your outdoor trips. Bring a face towel instead to wipe the sweat off your skin.

29. Laundry Soap

Hotel shampoo works fine as laundry soap. But in that rare moment when you spilled a drink or food on your clothes, you may want to pack a tiny box of detergent. 

This is also useful if you’re planning a long summer trip in Europe.

30. Hairdryer

Hotel rooms usually provide hairdryers for guest’s use. However, if you can’t risk a bad hair day, you can bring a travel-friendly one from home. 

Travel Essentials

31. Wallet

Of course, don’t forget to bring your wallet to your European summer trip. This is where you’ll be storing your money, ATM or credit cards, and identification cards.

32. Passport Holder

You can’t travel without your passport! Invest in a quality leather passport holder to hold this important travel document.

33. Travel Documents

You must also bring other important documents such as a plane, train, rental car documents, vouchers, and useful cards.

34. Maps or Guidebooks

To avoid getting lost, you can get a physical map or guidebook. This is especially useful when visiting remote destinations with weak cellular data.

35. Water Container

Instead of buying disposable water bottles in kiosks around Europe, you can save the environment by packing your own reusable water container.

Just make sure that it’s empty before you go through airport security. You can then simply fill it with water at drinking fountains.

36. Notepad and Pen

You’ll be surprised to learn that notepads and pens are very useful while travelling across Europe! It is a great communication aid, organizer, and reminder in one.

37. Mini Locks

Use a tiny lock to secure your small hand-carry bags. You can also find this useful when you’re backpacking and staying in hostel dorms.

38. Belt Bag

To carry all these important travel essentials, you can wear a fashionable belt bag or fanny pack. This lightweight bag allows for easy movement, perfect if you’re travelling from one place to another,


39. Smartphone

Bring your mobile phone on your European summer trip to keep in touch with your family or access useful travel apps (Maps, GPS, Google).

40. Digital camera

Capture your travels with a digital camera! A compact mirrorless camera can do fine. But if you want to shoot extreme adventures, an action camera might be best.

41. Headphones

This is a must-have for listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks during long trips in planes or trains.

If you’re travelling with a partner, don’t forget to bring a Y-jack so you can plug in headphones at the same time.

42. Laptop

Are you on a work trip to Europe? Or do you want to upload your videos and photos? If so, bring a laptop. It will be worth the weight in your luggage.

43. USB Flash Drive

For those who want to back up their files on the go, you can also pack a small flash drive in your bag. This won’t take up much space! Just make sure you put a name tag or hang it on a wristlet to prevent it from getting lost. 

44. Chargers and Batteries

Of course, don’t forget the respective chargers and batteries of these electronic gadgets. You don’t want to have a dead camera when visiting an amazing tourist destination.

45. Plug Adapter

Europe’s electrical system is different from Canada and the United States. While most modern appliances can handle the 220 European voltage, you should still bring a travel adapter (110V-220V) just in case.


Packing for your summer vacation in Europe doesn’t have to be a daunting task! Simply refer to this travel packing list if you’re still not sure what to bring. Anything else you need for your summer trip can be purchased along the way.


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